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    Resist low-temperature


    Beginning in late January,there are low temperature snowfall across the country, even blizzard situation appears in local area, which brings great difficulties to transportation, especially the transportation of hazardous chemistry. In order to protect the interest of customers, to meet their demand for gas, Yingde Gas regional dispatching team, sales team and transport team work together to formulate plans and communicate and coordinate with customers timely as to minimize the loses caused by bad weather.

    Yinde Gas Hunan Team: Put customer’s interests in the first place

    January 26, the expected snow came as scheduled, but icy roads, high-speed road closures and hazardous chemicals vehicle restriction beyond our imagination. Under such poor condition, team sales and dispatch personnel in Hunan province hugs to solve problems—— It was about 3 hours before the customers were out of breath, Xiao Hongyan made a prompt decision and urgently contacted the surrounding gas filling stations to deliver oxygen tanks and Dewar tanks to customers, which protected them gas supply, won the trust and well-feedback of customers; In order to meet the needs of two families at the same time, Peng Zhijun and Li Bo made every effort to find the best way for the driver to walk, scheduling driver reasonable arrangement of a car two unloading, protecting customer demand , and avoided hundreds of thousands customer loses of stopped boiler; Dispatcher Li Min has been tracking the movement of several tankers from 6:00 a.m. in the morning, following up on the official road control information and sent the drivers and sales staff feedback in time. The next day, at two o’clock in the morning, she was still following a tank car that had broken down on the road, and strove to coordinate the smooth passage of vehicles.

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