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    Company Profile

    Yingde Gases Group Company Limited (Yingde Gases or Yingde), founded in October, 2001 and headquartered in Shanghai.

    Yingde Gases is primarily engaged in on-site gas production and liquid supply. Main products include: industrial gases of oxygen, nitrogen, argon and hydrogen, and special gases like ultra-pure ammonia. We mainly provide products and services to enterprises of the iron and steel, chemical, non-ferrous metals, electronics and energy industries.

    Yingde has invested and constructed nearly 100 air separation units across mainland China, forming a guaranteed production supply net with around 200km mean interval. Yingde boasts total production capacity in oxygen of 2,400,000Nm³/h, syngas of 170,000Nm³/h, and liquid of 10,000TPD, among which, the maximum output of single set air separation unit reaches 65,000Nm³/h.  

    Yingde Gases was listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in September 2009 (stock code: 02168.HK). In April 2017, PAG Asia Capital acquired Yingde Gases, completing its privatization and delisting from Hong Kong Stock Exchange in August.

    PAG’s involvement in Yingde Gases not only provided the company with powerful capital support, but also brought about changes to Yingde’s business strategy and management philosophy. The company has established the core values of “integrity, innovation, safety, and win-win”. Yingde has implanted this new corporate culture in the depth of its employees’ mind. With the joint efforts of its new management and employees, Yingde Gases is gaining momentum and taking on a brand-new look.

    Yingde Gases has effectively adjusted its management structure and executive team while retaining most of its business and technical underpinnings since the takeover by PAG. The company has introduced several senior managers with extensive experience at multinational companies. The company has also recruited many top-notch global talents with expertise in the field of industrial gases. Today, Yingde Gases boasts a world-class team in both technology and management, making it an employer with increasing appeal to talent around the world.

    Yingde Gases recorded RMB 10 billion of revenue. In 2018, with the gradual recovery of the industrial gas sector, Yingde Gases will strive to consolidate its advantages in on-site gas production, optimize market distribution, and expand the company’s presence to sectors other than steel. While maintaining operational reliability and economic efficiency, Yingde is constantly increasing its investments in technology R&D, making it among the world’s leading industrial gas suppliers.

    Yingde Gases will spare no effort in striving to develop into a major participant in the global industrial gas market in accordance with its business strategy.

    Air Seperation Unit at Baotou
    Air Seperation Unit at Changshu
    Zhihai Chemical Equipment Co. Ltd.
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