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    The enterprise vision is the long-term objective and direction of the enterprise development. Yingde Gases commits itself to the development in the area of industrial gases. It spares no effort to forge industry benchmark and become the industrial standard with technological innovation, outstanding products and service, excellent operation management and enterprise culture that keeps pace with the times. It strives to become a world class enterprise producing industrial gases, which leads the development of industrial gases industry in China and gradually enters the international market.

    To realize the above-mentioned vision, Yingde strives in the following two aspects:

    To be the leader of China's industrial gases field:Yingde Gases has become a big company producing industrial gases in Asia in scale. We are committed and obliged to introduce and promote the healthy and sustainable development in domestic industrial gases industry. In the future, Yingde Gases will continue to focus on the development in the area of industrial gases and the downward application, contributing its share to the economic development in China.

    To be an important participant in the world's:In the future, Yingde will enhance its comprehensive ability in an all round way in an effort to become a major player in the area of industrial gases across the world. As China adopts the Belt and Road strategy, Yingde will go out and participate in the competition in the area of global industrial gases to create values for the development of all walks of life using our gas service.

    Yingde Gases Mission
  • With first-class technology

    The enterprise mission embodies the value of the enterprise's survival and development and is its fundamental meaning. Technological innovation and the ability to provide customers with solutions are the core competitive edges of Yingde Gases and they are factors determining Yingde's invincibility and absolute advantage in the market.
  • Create best service for customers

    Yingde Gases' operation mode determines the interdependence between the company and the customers. It is the company's struggling aim to create products and service of superior quality to customers, provide appreciation, save energy and reduce cost to realize the win-win between the enterprise and customers.
  • Create a better future for employees

    Employees are the most important resource of a company's development and they are the creator of all values. The company strives to create a better living and working environment for employees of Yingde as well as a broader development space so that everyone in Yingde can grow with the company.
  • Create the greatest value for shareholders

    The shareholders supply capital for the company's operation, serving as a strong pillar for the company's development. The shareholders' trust for and support to Yingde is the source of motivation and pride of people in Yingde. It's our pledge and appreciation to the shareholders to create the greatest value to them.
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