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    The Mayor Xu Guiqing of the Yingkou City and His Entourage Visited the Yingde Ga


    On Jul 22, the mayor Qu Guiqing and the deputy mayor Zhang Xianbin of the Yingkou City, the secretary Song Zehua of the Laobian District Commission, et al visited Yingde Gases Group headquarters for investigation and guidance. The COO Dai Zhanglong of the Group’s Gas Business Segment, the vice president Liu Jingwu and Tan Guoliang, et al received them warmly.


    The Yingkou Yingde as a subsidiary of Yingde Gases Group is the key enterprise introduced by the the Laobian District, Yingkou City, Liaoning Province. Two 60000 air separation phases constructed and operated by the Yingkou Yingde were put into operation in succession in 2012 and 2015, which have safely and stably operated till now and have boosted development of the Minmentals Yingkou Medium Plate Co., Ltd and its surrounding enterprises. In recent years, the Yingkou Yingde has actively implemented some reform measures of the Group and has improved reputation of the Group in governments, customers and suppliers. The Yingkou Yingde realized the goal of “Zero Accident” in 2018 and was granted a “Tax Contribution Prize” by the Laobian District Government.

    Leaders of the Yingkou city visited the Group’s headquarters in order to deepen understanding and communication between the government and the Group and jointly explore enormous potentials for cooperation between two parties with “Liaoning-Yangtze River Delta Capital Attraction Promotion Week” held by the Liaoning provincial government in the Shanghai as the opportunity.


    Xu Guiqing fully recognized the significant contribution of the Group to economic construction in the Yingkou city, especially the Laobian District, and said, “The Yingkou municipal government would continue creating favorable conditions for the Yingde Gases Group, and excepted that both parties could maintain communication, deepen cooperation, and boost development of the manufacturing industry in the Laobian District, even whole Yingkou city!”


    Dai Zhanglong thanked for long-term support from the Yingkou city and Laobian district governments and had great expectation for development between both parties in future, “Yingkou was a significant port in the Northeast area and was also one of strategic nodes in ‘The Belt and Road’. It was believed that the Yingde Gases Group could exploit its advantages, keep improving, and achieve better achievements in domestic, even foreign industrial gas field under great support of related governments!”

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