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    Joint Emergency Exercise for Hazardous Chemical Accidents in Baotou Was Implemen


    June of this year is 18th “Safety Production Month” in China. With the theme of “Risk Prevention, Potential Hazard Elimination and Accident Suppression”, different safety activities are in progress vigorously and vitally in China. Yingde Gases Group further improves safety management efficiency and strengthens operation disciplines from the view of its safety management features and demands by using rich forms and diversified activities.

    At the end of June, the Group organized an emergency exercise for hazardous chemical accident and Baotou Yingde, Bao Steel Yingda and Haiding Logistics cooperated with 120 Urgent Care Center and Shenhua Fire Gas Protection Center to participate in this exercise. This emergency exercise is highly emphasized and strongly supported by governmental authorities such as Baotou Municipal Jiuyuan District People’s Congress, Jiuyuan District Government, Jiuyuan District Administrative Committee, Baotou Municipal Emergency Management Bureau and Jiuyuan District Emergency Management Bureau, and Shenhua Baotou Coal Chemistry Co., Ltd. The COO Dai Zhanglong of the Group’s Gas Business Segment and the vice general manager Yan Wei of the Operation Management Center, the advisor Lin Funian, and the chief inspector Yuan Lizhi of QHSE Department were present at the site for guidance.

    The liquid oxygen features combustion support, ultra-low temperature and easy gasification and is one of chemicals in the major hazard source list. Therefore, leakage of the liquid oxygen is the key risk to avoid in gas production and transportation. This exercise simulates the case in which 3000m3 liquid hydrogen storage tank leaks in pipeline filling and results in cold injury of filling persons in order to inspect emergency handling and internal and external coordination capabilities of producers and logistics providers.

    “The liquid oxygen filling pipeline leaked, and a driver suffered from cold injury due to sprayed liquid oxygen and shall be immediately rescued!” an onsite worker asked for “accident” rescue.

    After this message was received, the commander immediately distributed a command and started an emergency response flow, “I commanded that all emergency rescue teams quickly went to the site for rescue!”

    The onsite persons immediately handled this accident earlier, and quickly evaluated and reported “Accident” information to start the emergency plan at the corresponding level. Under central commanding and scheduling, the emergency rescue team, the guarding and evacuation team and the material guarding team quickly went to the site and carried out emergency handling, environmental monitoring, hot and cold zone division, person access control and emergency material supply in order. The 120 urgent care center closely cooperated with the medical rescue team to make great efforts to rescue injured persons. Persons from Shenhua Fire Gases Protection Center sprayed the fire to control gaseous diffusion. The members of the information team maintained external communication and published and updated accident handling progress in time….. With efficient studying, determination and command, clear task assignation and flow, better internal and external coordination and communication, after about 30 min, this leakage accident was successfully handled, injured persons were safely treated, the site was restored to normal production status, and no discomposure and misunderstanding from customer and surrounding communities were caused.

    Liu Xiaolong from the Baotou Municipal Emergency Management Bureau fully recognized this safety exercise and said, “Since the Baotou Municipal Emergency Administration Management was founded in March of this year, it was dedicated to integration of governmental emergency resources and improvement of collaboration efficiency between enterprises and governmental authorities. Success of this exercise fully proved that efficient collaboration between governments and enterprises and close cooperation between enterprises enabled quick and orderly emergency handling and guarding of regional safety!”

    Risk prevention, potential hazard elimination, accident suppression and efficient handling not only become the key measures for an enterprise to maintain production stability, but also are required for assumption of social responsibilities and guarantee of lives and assets of the masses. As Dai Zhanglong said, “As a key participant in the air separation field, Yingde Gases Group had an obligation of being a model in hazardous chemical production, storage and transportation, made great efforts to become a benchmark in industry safety management, and actively assumed social responsibilities. Success of this emergency exercise depended on efforts from all Yingde employees in improvement of safety management level. In future, the Group would continue strengthening safety building, and make safety culture integrated into every aspect of production and operation and become intangible force for promoting development and stable advance of the Group!”

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