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    “Ying + Palm College” Online Learning Platform Was Formally Put into Operation


    Knowledge is boundless. Only continuous exploration and learning can make you keep abreast with the high-speed step in this age. After preparation in several months, “Ying + Palm College” online learning platform with intelligence of all Yingden employees was formally put into operation in late June.

    The first press conference of “Ying+ Palm College” was held at the Group’s headquarters and the CEO Li Zhengyu of the Group and the assistant to the president and the general manager Wang Yingyan of the Human Resource Administration Center inaugurated for this online learning platform.

    Facing to opportunities and challenges in this age, the Group will cultivate more excellent talents for stable advance and brilliance recreation. Therefore, “Ying+ Palm College” provides about 1000 courses to improve from personal quality to occupational skill training and from professional knowledge learning to management skill interpretation and fully satisfy differential requirements of different managers and employees for knowledge. With channels such as APP and WeChat public accounts, each Yingde employee can learn knowledge, get industrial information, share practice cases, and exchange occupational experiences via this online learning platform at any time and place. This platform not only helps employees improve themselves, but also builds a good ambience of proactive learning and mutual promotion inside the group.

    After promotion in about one week, the account activation rate of this online learning platform is over 70% and massive high-quality contents and convenient use mode attract more and more Yingde employees.

    The Group presents this comprehensive online learning platform on the high-speed development stage to satisfy differential learning demands of employees and further improve the Group’s comprehensive competition capabilities. Therefore, Wang Yingyan emphasized, “each Yingde employee was expected to fully utilize this online learning platform, ‘charge’ self and efficiently ‘practice’ in fragment time, make self better, make the team grow quicker, and make the group develop better on the sustainable road!”.

    Being eager for new knowledge and keeping improvement is the fountain for continuous personal advance, even the drive for long-term development of an enterprise. As Li Zhengyu said, “We learnt how to get knowledge when studying as students and kept improving in our work by applying our learning capabilities. To become managers, we shall continuously study and learn management arts and lead the team to develop in future. “Ying+Palm College” was a platform for everyone to communicate at any time. Each Yingde employee was expected to continuously learn, mutually drive each other, make the group truly become a learning organization, keep exploration and innovation enthusiasm, and stick to the initial intention of being enterprising and striving on the changing and fierce market!!”

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