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    The Yingde Gases Group Signed a Strategic Cooperation Agreement with the SinoSci


    On Jul 1, Yingde Gases Group signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the Beijing SinoScience FullCryo Technology Co., Ltd. in Beijing. The CEO Li Zhengyu of the Yingde Gases Group, the COO Wang Junxu of the Group’s Clean Energy and Chemistry Business Segment, the vice president Liu Wenshao, the assistant to the president Fang Ming, vice general manager Shen Wei of the Strategic Development Center, the chief inspector Qian Guoyue of the Business Development Department, the board chairman Zhu Cheng of the SinoScience FullCryo, the general manager Gao Jinlin, the vice general manager Zhao Guangming, the vice general manager Li Jiarong, the technical director Xiong Lianyou were present at the signing ceremony. Li Zhengyu and Gao Jinlin signed the strategic cooperation agreement as representatives of both parties at the signing ceremony. Both parties were fully confident of long-term, stable and sustainable cooperation in the industrial gas and deep refrigeration field.

    The Yingde Gases Group is a large-scale professional industrial gas company and is mainly engaged in on-site gas production, liquid sale and distribution. Main products include industrial gases such as oxygen, nitrogen, argon, hydrogen and synthetic gas and special gases such as ultra-pure ammonia. The Yingde Gases Group mainly serves for customers in steel, chemistry, nonferrous metal, electronics and energy industry.

    Founded in 2016, SinoScience FullCryo is a high-tech company, which is the unique company in China to own independent core technology of large low-temperature refrigeration equipment under 20K. Depending on the large low-temperature technology platform of the Institute of Science and Chemical Sciences of the Chinese College of Sciences, SinoScience FullCryo can provide a comprehensive solution to strategic fields such as national big science engineering, aerospace, air separation, extraction of helium in natural gas, hydrogen liquefaction and liquid hydrogen storage and transportation.

    Signing of this agreement will drive deep cooperation between the Yingde Gases Group and the SinoScience FullCryo in fields such as refining of rare gas, hydrogen liquefaction and liquid hydrogen storage and transportation. With complementary advantages and resource sharing, both parties can improve operation efficiency, reduce operation cost, and further cooperate with each other to explore and keep improving on the changing market.

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