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    Gathering together in Yingde in warm spring- Fudan EMBA 2017 class autumn class


    On March 26th, more than 20 teachers and students from the Fudan EMBA 2017 Class autumn class 2 entered the headquarters of  Yingde Gases Group and conducted a corporate visit with the theme of “Gathering together in Yingde in warm spring”. Wang Yingyan, Assistant President of the Group and General Manager of the Human Resources Administration Center, warmly received the visiting teachers and students as the classmate and host. The general manager of the Purchasing Management Department, Gai Yongpeng, the Assistant General Manager of the Air Separation Design Institute and the Director of the Design Institute, Hou Xingang, and the Deputy Director of the Liquid Direct Marketing Department Director Li Wei and others attended the reception.

    Fudan EMBA draws on the essence of Haipai's business culture, draws wisdom from Chinese and foreign humanities and technology, and provides comprehensive, systematic and international theoretical guidance for experienced entrepreneurs and senior managers to help them improve their knowledge structure; broaden their horizon, improve their pattern, enhance their strategic thinking and leadership, achieve comprehensive and sustainable personal development for the managers who "return to study after working for many years" through rich forms of exchange activities, and make them become more responsive business leaders with more entrepreneurial spirit.

     Yingde Gases Group is the first stop of the series of corporate visits. The visiting teachers and students are the elites of all walks of life. In order to bring them closer to the “minor” industry of industrial gases, Hou Xingang and Li Wei interpreted the important position of industrial gas production in the national economy by introducing the group's business scope, cooperation model, product application and logistics services. The wide application of gas products in production and life has given visiting guests a deep understanding of the image of “industrial gas is the blood of industrial development”.

    The use of liquid nitrogen, liquid oxygen, and liquid argon in production and life has surprised guests; high-end electronic gas is used in integrated electronics, semiconductor, photovoltaic, solar energy and other industries, as well as hydrogen in medical and medical, energy, defense, and aerospace. The application in other fields highlights the strong boost of industrial gas production in the development of high-tech fields; the Group's operation and management methods for the clean energy sector are enough to break the inherent concept of people that the chemical industry are highly polluting enterprises. The visiting teachers and students have a full understanding of how modern industrial gas enterprises conduct the whole process of "zero pollution" control - as Hou Xingang said, an excellent industrial gas company has the responsibility, obligation, and strength to practice safety and environmental protection commitments, and assume social responsibility.

    Enterprises must actively "export", but also "import" in a timely manner. Yingde Gases group is actively exploring, trying to make more people pay attention to the industrial gas industry in the macro view of national economy and the micro life of society in a more open attitude and more flexible way, so as to understand the close relationship between the production and operation of the group and the economy, society and environment.    

    Wang Yingyan said that he hopes that this event will enable more people to understand the industrial gas industry and pay attention to the  Yingde Gases Group. He also hoped that Yingde can take this opportunity to help more customers to achieve a better life and develop the future together with more excellent partners by its integrity and good quality!

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