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    Yingde Gases Group COO Dai Zhanglong was invited to attend the Yuexin Semicondu


    On March 15, 2019, the equipment move-in ceremony of Guangzhou Yuexin Semiconductor Technology Co., Ltd. was successfully held. Chen Wei, President and CEO of Guangdong Semiconductor, hosted the ceremony. COO Dai Zhanglong,  Yingde Gases Group, Yan Wei, Director of Operations Management Department and Lu Hao, Director of Business Development, were invited to attend.

    Established in December 2017, Guangdong Semiconductor is the first 12-inch chip factory in China with virtual IDM as its operating strategy. It is also the first 12-inch chip production line in Guangzhou. It was expected to start mass production in September and would serve the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, 5G and other frontier fields.

    At the end of 2018,  Yingde Gases Group and Yuexin Semiconductor reached an agreement to invest in the construction, operation and management of a large gas supply station in their projects to meet the various gas requirements of Yuexin Semiconductor.

    At the ceremony of the equipment move-in, Chen Wei emphasized that Yuexin Semiconductor attaches great importance to the  Yingde Gases Group's bulk gas project, and hoped that both parties can go hand in hand and achieve mutual benefit through this cooperation.

    Dai Zhanglong said that  Yingde Gases Group will build a large gas supply station as required under the premise of ensuring safety and quality, and will fully meet the production needs of Yuexin Semiconductor in the future operation management.

    The Guangdong Semiconductor bulk gas project is the first exploration of  Yingde Gases Group to electronic gas business. At present, all the relevant personnel of the project are motivated and actively engaged in the construction, and strive to build a reputation in the high-end gas field, laying a solid foundation for the Group to continue to develop electronic gas business.

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