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    Continuous operation of gasifiers in Anyang plant reached a new high


    At 15:36 on March 11, 2019, the furnace B of the gasifier in Anyang plant was smoothly shut down. Since September 29, 2018, the gasifier (full load) has been running for 163 days, with a total of 3924.5 hours. It has set a record of continuous operation of single furnace for 132 days in 2018, and reached the highest level of continuous operation time of single gasifier with four nozzles in similar enterprises in China.

    The Anyang plant is a large-scale new energy chemical enterprise with coal as its main raw material. Since its completion and production, its production and sales performance have been increasing year by year. The continuous running time of the gasifier reached a new high, which is closely related to Anyang plant's efforts in technical transformation, maintenance support and operation training.

    After several discussions, the gasification workshop has formulated and implemented a series of technical reform programs to effectively improve the water quality of the system and reduce the unfavorable factors that restrict the operation cycle of the gasifier. The maintenance personnel grasped the key point of the gasifier burner, dedicated to study its structure, principle, material and wear condition, homemade special tools, actively make improvements, improve the nozzle service life, also extended the gasifier continuous running time. In addition, through one hour of professional training and irregular skill assessment every day, the gasification workshop staff improve their own operation and emergency treatment level continuously, thus ensuring the smooth operation of the gasifier.

    The long-term stable operation of the gasification furnace in Anyang plant is inseparable from the unremitting pursuit of reliability of the Anyang plant. It is also inseparable from the excellent work style and hard-working craftsman spirit of Yingde people. It is precisely because of the insistence on quality and excellence that  Yingde Gases Group can triumph in the highly competitive industrial gas industry and achieve plentiful results!

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