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    CEIBS entrepreneurs gathered together in Yingda and talked about


    On April 18th, more than 20 entrepreneurs from the CEO Leadership Class of China Europe International Business School visited the  Yingde Gases Group headquarters to gain an in-depth understanding of the good development of the industrial gas industry. Group CEO Li Zhengyu warmly received them as the CEIBS EMBA alumni, the monitor of CEO leadership class and host.     

    CEIBS has cultivated and delivered many business leaders who have “both China's depth and global breadth and actively shouldering social responsibilities” for domestic enterprises. It is known as “the cradle of many excellent managers” and “a model of successful cooperation between Europe and China”. On this basis, the CEIBS CEO Leadership Group brings together leaders from various industries and integrates Chinese business wisdom and advanced overseas experience to guide entrepreneurs to continuously enhance self-understanding, tap their internal leadership, and inspire employees and the organization's biggest potential based on "the people", starting from "the people", create a positive enterprise culture, so as to promote healthy, benign and sustainable development of Chinese enterprises.

    In order to make the visiting entrepreneurs understand the operation and management strategy of  Yingde Gases Group, Li Zhengyu introduced the development process of the Group in line with the development of the times and quickly entered the forefront of the industry, as well as the gradually formed business pattern of coordinated development of air separation, syngas and liquid sales in detail. In addition, through vivid interpretation of the cases, Li Zhengyu emphasized the important role of gas as “the blood of industrial development” and said that the Group will adopt strategic adjustment and management optimization, while continuing to focus on the steel, chemical and other industries, also actively exploring development opportunities in cutting-edge areas of science and technology such as electronics, photovoltaic, medicine, food and health care, and new materials.

    In interpreting the core values of  Yingde Gases Group, Li Zhengyu pointed out: "We regard 'integrity, innovation, safety and win-win' as the core values, to encourage all Yingde people to be down-to-earth in their work and to be advanced in their philosophy. We hope to grasp the opportunity of China's manufacturing growth and consumption upgrade with first-class quality and service, and create brilliance with customers and shareholders!"


    During the exchange, the visiting entrepreneurs showed their strong interest in the gas industry and were amazed at the speed of  Yingde Gases. Zheng Peimin, one of the visiting entrepreneurs and chairman and chief partner of Rongzheng Capital, said: "This visit allowed me to see the foundation and development potential of the industrial gas industry, and I also saw the development advantages of  Yingde Gases. I want to bring my team to visit if there are any chances, let them learn from Yingde, and help my company develop rapidly in an orderly manner."

    In the process of enterprise management optimization, exploration and experimentation are indispensable, and communication and reference are also very beneficial. Communication with high-end business schools can enable more entrepreneurs to understand the industrial gas industry, pay attention to  Yingde Gases Group, and explore potential cooperation opportunities. At the same time, the in-depth exchanges between the management of the Group and elites from all walks of life also promote the improvement of management concept and system construction, helps the group stay at the forefront of development, and creates a better future together with employees, customers, partners and shareholders.

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