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    Financing innovation benefits people and cooperation between Banks and enterpris


    In order to help local enterprises to raise funds overseas and promote the development of China's real economy, on April 18th, the Hunan Enterprises Overseas Financing Matchmaking Conference with the theme of “Innovation Leading, Open Rise” was held in Hong Kong. Nearly 20 companies and financial institutions would reach cooperation on overseas bond issuance and cross-border financing cooperation, and the contracted amount exceeds 40 billion yuan.

    At the docking meeting, CFO Huang Siying represented  Yingde Gases Group and signed a cooperation agreement with China Construction Bank for a 10 billion overseas financial service. According to the agreement, CCB will add 10 billion yuan of overseas credit to  Yingde Gases Group and carry out comprehensive financial cooperation.


    In the previous bilateral talks, Wen Zhijun, deputy governor of the Hunan Branch of China Construction Bank, fully affirmed the management and management results of  Yingde Gases Group and the development prospects of the company, and said that CCB will give full play to its advantages such as full license, multi-product, high-tech and institutional network across the world, and assist Yingde in overseas investment, merger and acquisition, overseas bond issuance and cross-border capital settlement and other financial services through customized overseas comprehensive financial solutions.


    During the exchange meeting, Qiu Zhongwei, the chairman of the group, said that the development of  Yingde Gases Group is inseparable from the strong support of various financial institutions in Hunan Province. He hoped that the two sides could continue to deepen the "bank-enterprise cooperation" and achieve "win-win cooperation between banks and enterprises." “Today,  Yingde Gases Group not only continues to cultivate in the domestic industrial gas field, but also will make great progress overseas.” Qiu Zhongwei said, “In the future, I hope that CCB and Yingde can fully carry out overseas finance cooperation comprehensively while strengthening traditional business cooperation so as to create more brilliant achievements on the world stage by relying on the size and development momentum of the domestic market!"


    As of February this year,  Yingde Gases Group has obtained nearly 7 billion yuan of credit from a number of banks in Hunan Province, including CCB's domestic credit of about 1.5 billion yuan. This overseas credit granting of 10 billion level by CCB is the first comprehensive strategic cooperation between the group and a large state-owned commercial bank, which not only represents another strong endorsement of the group's strength, but also further strengthens the linkage between the bank and the enterprise at home and abroad, thus accelerating the pace of the group's international development.

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