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    Gas Island Project of Yingde Gases Group Industrial successfully settled in Cha


    On April 4, 2019, Changsha Wangcheng High-tech Zone and  Yingde Gases Group signed a cooperation agreement on the Industrial Gas Island Project. Zhou Zhihui, deputy head of the Standing Committee of Wangcheng District, Zheng Yiren, secretary of the Party Working Committee, Ding Yongsheng, deputy secretary, Qiu Zhongwei, chairman of  Yingde Gases Group, COO Dai Zhanglong, assistant president, general manager of the Human Resources Administration Center, Wang Yingyan attended the signing ceremony.

    Featured by circular economy and dominated by new materials, new medicines and fine chemicals, Changsha Wangcheng High-tech Zone is the only chemical industry park in Changsha and its surrounding areas, and also a cluster of provincial high-tech industries. After the cooperation is completed,  Yingde Gases Group will invest in the basic industrial gas island in the park to build a fully liquefied air separation unit to provide professional pipeline gas and liquid supply services for the park enterprises and surrounding customers.

    In 2001,  Yingde Gases Group started from Hunan. After 18 years of development and cultivation, the business has now spread to 30 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions across the country, and actively explores development opportunities in a broader market. The industrial gas island project invested and constructed will not only further enhance the brand reputation of the Group, but also help the sustainable development of on-site gas supply and liquid sales business. It will also improve the comprehensive supporting services of Wangcheng High-tech Zone and promote the industrial upgrading of Wangcheng District and even Changsha City. In return, the Hunan Provincial Government has given great support to the Group for many years and made due contributions to Hunan's economic prosperity.

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